CS plans to increase manpower to 2000 this year from 1100


Correctional Services is hoping to increase its manpower to around 2000 this year from just over 1100.
Correctional Service acting Commissioner Stephen Pokanis told The National that the recruitment would cost around K3 million but it was important to carry out the process.
Pokanis said that the K3 million would cover new recruits’ uniforms, training gear, meals and transfers to their posts after they graduated.
“We have recruited 100 cadets in December and will be recruiting another 300 cadets by March this year,” he said.
“The main purpose of the recruitment is to fill in the manpower in all Correctional Service institutions around the country and also to meet our target of increasing manpower,” he said.
Pokanis said that the 100 cadets were stationed at their posts in various Correctional Service institution around the country.
“We have just sent the first 100 to their postings to do their job training and once we secure the money needed to train them, we will bring them in for training.”
“Currently, we have only 1130 officers and some have already reached their retirement age so we’ll be letting those who have reached the retirement age go.”
Pokanis said that letting the officers go on their retirement would also cost around K300,000 for 10 officers and that’s for repatriation alone.
“So we will have to secure the funds before retiring them,” he said.
“That is the reason why we are hoping to recruit another 300 cadets by March.”