CTSL arranges for staff to undergo tests


THE Comrade Trustee Services Ltd (CTSL) arranged for 35 of its employees to undergo Covid-19 tests as part of its business continuity plan to ensure employees were Covid-19-free.
Statutory manager Sitiveni Weleilakeba said: “As trustees operating in a highly regulated environment, we have a higher duty of care to manage both the growth and health of the business, in a manner that preserves the savings of members and protects the health of our employees, members and service providers.
“With our employees undergoing Covid-19 antibody tests, it provides a baseline with which we can manage under pandemic circumstances going forward.
“It provides a level of certainty with which we can continue doing business, albeit under controlled conditions.”
The CTSL believed that with increasing community transmissions, it is only a matter of time before the Covid-19 became widespread posing a real risk to businesses, communities and families.
“As such, the information obtained from subjecting our employees to the antibody tests would provide baseline data and a degree of certainty for business continuity.”
The fund acknowledged Sky Health and Medical Services and other medical service-providers for providing antibody screening and tests. “The CTSL is still under statutory administration from the regulator, Bank of PNG, and requires a degree of stability to work through this year in preparation for the appointment of a full board next February,” Weleilakeba