Cult activities force school to suspend enrolment


A HIGH high school has suspended grade 11 enrolment this year because of cult activities.
The school is Aiyura National High School at Goroka, Eastern Highlands.
Karl Puluma said the suspension of grade 11 was part of an effort to eradicate cult activities in the school. The suspension of grade 11 was among the three recommendations by a committee.
The recomendations are:

  •  A complete shutdown of the school;
  •  converting Aiyura into a college; and,
  •  Stopping grade 11 enrolment for a year and allowing grade 12 students to leave without influecing the younger pupils.
    “We adopted the third recommendation and have now eradicated cult activities in Aiyura. We are a new, fresh and free Aiyura National High School,” Puluma said.
    Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra said: “You are now brand new. You should not allow the past to come and affect you. If any silly habit tries to creep in, you must immediately report to the administration.
    “Do not let groups, individuals and ill-disciplined people hunt you down. Instead set your aspirations and goals and work hard towards achieving them.”