Cult activities rife in Simbai region

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 25th January 2012

I WRITE to confirm that there are cult activities at Simbai, Madang province, led by Ermest Simgiy of Nugunt village.
These are supported by the entire council ward and sections of different council wards of Fundum, Kumbruf, Kandum Kambaneng, Tsungup, Babaimb and Kenanj, Aiome and Madang town.
This man is supported and financed by public servants such as teachers.
An LLG manager, high school teachers and Madang town folks are members of this group. So too is a church leader who was recently disrobed by his church for his involvement in this cult.
The provincial police commander is now formally asked by concerned Simbai community representatives to quell this group and bring the ring leaders to justice for disrupting flow of services in the area as they  are stopping people from participating and going to church, attending school activities and community and government activities.
They are hindering development of all sorts.
I appeal to the PPC go arrest and imprison the leaders immediately because they are doing odd things at will.