Cult practices worry parents

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The National , Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PARENTS of students attending George Brown High School in East New Britain are waiting for a response from the Education Department as they worry over cult practices among students.
Students were sent home last Thursday following an attack on innocent students by suspended students from the same high school.
Students were asked to return with their parents on Monday for a meeting regarding alleged cult practices there.
George Brown High School, in Gazelle district, is known for its Christian principles and standards but recently parents had been alerted to the alleged cult activities among students.
Some parents voiced concern, saying they did not want the school to close nor have classes suspended for an indefinite period.
They said several options had been put to the education division and they were waiting for a response.
They said one of these was to withdraw Grade 9 students from the school, leaving only the Grade 10 students to continue classes.
Acting education advisor Paul Laure confirmed yesterday a few students had been suspended from classes and had their boarding privileges revoked over cult activities.
He said those students had been instructed to be day scholars.
These students were alleged to have retaliated with an attack on some innocent students in school causing disruption to classes last week.
Laure said the school would not close and classes would not be suspended as they had decided to expel the suspended students.
He said normal classes resumed yesterday following a parents’ meeting on Monday.