Cup refs not up to scratch, says Joseph

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The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013


REFEREEING standards in the semi-professional rugby league Digicel Cup have come under criticism from two franchise owners.

Kemele Hela Wigmen and TNA Lions franchise owners Firman Joseph and Gerard Philip want the Digicel Cup management to have in place a prudent selection and performance process for the current crop of referees.

They both agreed that matches must taped and referee performances assessed on a weekly basis. 

The franchise owners separately said that they spent a lot of money to be part of the country’s premier competition and for that the Digicel Cup management must only have the best referees that have passed a competency standard.

“If they don’t measure up week in week out, then there must be a problem,” Joseph said.

Joseph, who also witnessed last weekend’s double-header in Port Moresby was appalled at the way the both referee’s managed their respective matches.

“We don’t invest money in this competition just to come and see a referee take centre stage and have an adverse effect on how teams perform,” Joseph said.

Lions boss Philip, in a separate interview agreed that referees at this level must pass certain requirements and their performances documented. 

“If they don’t perform then remove them,” Philip said.

“It will lead to an improvement in the playing standards, discipline and level of competition will rise as players will know that they are playing on a level playing field,” he added.

Philip said that it would also enhance the decision making of the judiciary. 

He said that with the finals looming the PNGNRL should act on it.