Curb graft: Commissioner

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The National, Monday October 28th, 2013


DEPUTY Police Commissioner and chief of operations Simon Kauba last Thursday appealed to law enforcement agencies to aggressively fight white collar crime.

He said fraud and corruption were accepted norms in the workforce and silence had encouraged citizens to condone corrupt practices.

He said the country would continue to suffer if nothing was done to curb these crimes. 

“The arrest of prominent people implicated in major fraud cases has stirred a lot of public anxiety and it is imperative for investigators to handle such cases with care, due diligence and professionalism,” he said

Kauba was commending the government’s support for the police modernisation programme which he said should improve criminal investigations in the country.

Under the programme, the Bomana Police College will become a centre of excellence where detectives can undergo skills training to improve their knowledge in criminal investigations.

Kauba said the recruitment exercise would see more young people employed in the Criminal Investigation Division.

“The Royal PNG Constabulary will train them under the modernisation programme so they can contribute meaningfully in the areas of fraud investigations,” he said.

“More emphasis will be placed on prosecution and case management as the objective of any investigator is to ensure offenders who break the law are found guilty by the courts and imprisoned.”