Customers concern


THERE seem to be a breakdown concerning an email address offered by a bank.
What was the initial purpose of creating an email address? For customers to have access to the services offered? No response from the service counter is confusing.
Could have been that the officer manning the services section is an ignorant individual thereby tarnishing the good reputation of the bank?
And, it is also inevitable that Digicel is fooling its customers big time.
The K3 data plan does not come with what its agreed for – 500MB for social data and another 65MB for general uses.
How on earth will Digicel be playing with its customers?
While bmobile is honouring the agreed 500MB for all uses, Digicel is again compromising the deal or agreement laid down by NICTA.
What is social media for Digicel to waste my 500MB to it? Who cares about social media, I don’t need 65 MB, and I did not pay for that.
A switch to bmobile is a must and has happened.
Can someone at Digicel explain? An investigation is anticipated.


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