Customs chief hails ‘strict enforcement efforts’


PAPUA New Guinea Customs chief commissioner David Towe says there has been a significant decline in illicit and non-tax paid products in the country.
He said this was due to PNG Customs’ strict enforcement efforts.
Towe said amendments to the Customs Act had also helped the work of Customs.
“Our strict enforcement efforts and compliance activities have resulted in a significant decline in illicit and non-tax paid products in shops and markets, especially illicit cigarettes and counterfeit cigarettes,” he told The National.
“The amendments to the Customs Act and increased penalties are producing the required results.
“We expect our tax collections to increase this year with the reduction in non-tax paid products and control on evasion of tax payments.”
Towe made the statement in response to queries raised on the status of a local importer who was expected to pay up to K2 million as penalty for allegedly evading tax after PNG Customs identified false declaration of goods that were brought into the country.
Speaking to the media last month, Towe said importers like this (name withheld) stood to face hefty penalties if their activities were found to be in breach of the Customs Act 2020 as amended.
Meanwhile, Towe said: “Customs Service continues to do everything we can to improve tax compliance and create a competitive environment for our tax payers, industry players and businesses.
“The continuing sustainability of businesses will grow our economy and create employment.
“We are pleased to hear about significant improvements in sales by legitimate businesses exceeding projections in the first half of 2021.”