Customs claim offer of bribe by container owner

The National, Thursday July 21st, 2016

THE owner of a container in which illegal fire crackers and marijuana were found allegedly tried to bribe PNG Customs officers by offering K10,000 in return for his cargo.
The officers were reluctant to take the cash and advised him to pay the excise duty but he went into hiding.
The suspects’ container had 16 boxes of illegal fire crackers, a carton of marijuana, 16 cartons of Marlboro cigarettes and other consumable goods.
Customs officer Ian Hering said: “PNG Customs encourages businesses along the PNG-Indonesia border with Jayapura but urges citizens to conduct their activities in line with set Government principles.
“Our obligation is to execute Government regulations ensuring set procedures are followed when importing and exporting goods to and from.”
Customs disposed of imported goods impounded last October in two small containers.
A woman who owned one of them showed up in March but was unable to provide Customs border clearance documents and was allowed to claim consumable items only.
Her 18 cartons of cigarettes were also destroyed.
“We (Customs) are not discouraging the business, no. We give confidence to businesses at the border but it is a must to follow Government regulations when involving in trading activities.”