Customs collected K3bil: Towe


PNG Customs collected about K3.13 billion against the revised budget projection of K3.14 billion, as at Dec 23, says Commissioner David Towe.
Towe said this was about 99.67 per cent of the revenue.
“Our Waigani Public Accounts transfer has already exceeded the projection of K2,012.20 million by K24.4 million (101 per cent), except for import GST. We are yet to collect K43.5 million to meet the import GST target of K1,128.80 million,” Towe said.
“With one more week remaining before close of the year, we are projected to exceed both import GST target and continue to exceed the public accounts target by more than K60 million ending Dec 31.
“This outcome to exceed projections in revenue collections is unprecedented.
“It is a phenomenal result given the intense challenges we encountered throughout the year.
“All credits and commendations to my leadership team and all the hardworking Customs officers throughout the country who have delivered the strong results in very challenging times.
“We also revamped most of our business processes and systems to streamline and modernise our business.
“They will greatly necessitate a standardised and consistent approach to delivering our core functions thus ensuring confidence, certainty and predictability in the carriage of our businesses.
“These commendable and resilient performances are attributed to strong leadership and great team work from us all. I am confident, our performance outcomes in 2022 and onwards will be much greater and better.”