Cut costs by cutting board fees


WE, the tax payers, vehemently welcome the news of reducing the NHC board members fee from K8,000 per month to K1,000.
In reality, what do these board members contribute to the nation’s development?
They just go sit in the meeting. Minster Justin Tkatchenko is doing a marvellous job by identifying weaknesses in the system.
Remember, K8,000 is paid to a person only.
If it is paid to five board members, it will be K40,000 per month, in a year it will be K480,000.
This is only for NHC. If the same amount is paid in other state-own entities, it is indeed in millions that you looking at. Minister Tkatchenko is applauded for bringing this loop hole into the limelight.
This is now a challenge to the Marape-Steven Government to reduce board member fees in other state-own entities to save money.
This should also be a way forward to “Take back PNG and Make PNG the Richest Black Christian Nation”.
Prime Minister James Marape must seriously look into this by reducing board member fees in state-own entities as well as in other ministerial departments.
Over the years, these so-call members must have enjoyed this perk and privileges apart from their own normal paid job with perk and privileges.
Furthermore, eliminate committee members in other government agencies which also pay board member fees to save cost.
Cut these unnecessary fees.

Concern Tax Payer,