Cut down on greasy foods, people told

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The National, Friday October 18th, 2013

 LIFESTYLE diseases are a major problem in Western Highlands, the health authority says.

Deputy director district health services Philip Kalpa told Eagle FM radio yesterday that high blood pressure and heart problems were gradually increasing among wealthier people and those who had money.

Kalpa said because of the economic boom in the province from the spin-off from the multi-billion kina liquefied natural gas (LNG) project, many people had money to spend on items like fast food. 

He said many prepared chicken and chips and ate that everyday, which contributed to heart problems and high blood pressure.

Kalpa said many people wanted to eat protein with a high level of fat and grease which affected their health.

He appealed to the people to cut down on eating greasy foods. 

“I want to appeal to the people to eat garden food every day and keep yourself healthy and fit,” he said.

He said garden food was better for the body because it did not contain chemicals such as those found in processed or canned foods.