Cutmore’s case adjourned


THE matter against a 52-year-old Australian charged with dealing with criminal property in Central two years ago was adjourned to July 4 so charges could be fixed against him.
Judge Teresa Berrigan in the Waigani National Court on Friday said it was adjourned for State and defence lawyers to charge David John Cutmore, of North Queensland, properly.
This was because Cutmore was initially charged with two counts of dealing with criminal property and was committed to stand trial for only one count.
Defence lawyer Friedrich Kirriwom, from the Public Solicitors Office, said the charge sheet from the committal court bore only one charge which was for cash money brought on the plane Cutmore piloted to PNG but not the charge for the value of the cocaine and three Televisions with play boxes which he were also in his possession.
State Lawyer Helen Rolakona and Kirriwom are to discuss it and have both of his charges on the indictment before proceeding with the matter.
The committal court had found enough evidence and committed Cutmore last month to stand trial for allegedly bringing AU$75,000 (K189,000) cash in three envelopes on the plane as commission for the three locals who allegedly assisted to transport the cocaine.
He allegedly brought that money when he illegally entered the country from Cairns, Australia, on a twin-engine aircraft which landed near Papa-Lealea in Central on July 26, last year.
Cutmore was alleged to have flown in to pick up 611kg of cocaine and return but the plane crashed due to the weight and the property was recovered by police.
Cutmore was also convicted for illegally entering the country and for breaching Civil Aviation Act and was serving one year and eight months at Bomana prison in exchange for a fine of K37,000.