Cyber security needs awareness


CYBER security risks come with any electronic device and there is a need for more awareness in Papua New Guinea on this, says an expert.
Alberto Cimas, IT and cyber security specialist from Deloitte PNG, said that during the inaugural Papua New Guinea security congress in Port Moresby yesterday.
He said people heard about Artificial Intelligence and big data, but in PNG it is all still theory.
“We need to raise awareness on cyber security because PNG is slowly developing,” Cimas said.
“Technologies are slowly entering the country.
“We read the newspapers and we see articles on Artificial Intelligence, but we have never seen it with our own eyes.
“For us, it is like a theory, it is not really being implemented.
“I see it in the news every single day about big data and data analy-tics.
“There are about five companies using big data analytics tools to do reports.
“We hear stories of blockchain.
“I hear we have only one experience of blockchain that has been done by the Bank of Papua New Guinea.”
Cimas said cyber security was the number one risk for many businesses in the world and Papua New Guinea businesses should catch up in this area.
“This cyber security risks are real and they are in your companies,” he said.
He said hacking a system was very easy and could be done by anyone.
“Cybersecurity risks are real but you do not have to be an expert to break into the system,” he said.
“Even cars have cybersecurity holes.
“This includes the virus designed to rewrite the firmware of the car and install malicious code.”