Cyclone creates surfing conditions at Ela Beach


ELA Beach was a surfer’s dream for a four-hour surf session window on the rain drenched morning of Jan 3 with a perfect A frame wave breaking left and right.
Members of the Surfing Association Papua New Guinea Inc (SAPNG), patron Kieran Nash, president and co-founder Andrew Abel, Cheyenne Abel and James Leia had been watching the effects of Cyclone Penny on the shores off Port Moresby.
This bunch of committed surfers, who are members of the Pyramid Board Riders club, an affiliated surf club of the SAPNG, who regularly surf off the inside reef of Taurama in Port Moresby’s west, took advantage of the weather which generated surf through Basilik passage.
These surfing conditions at Ela Beach are rare and only seasoned surfers who understand and can read weather maps/reports will know when these waves will break on Ela Beach.
All sorts of specualtion was made on social media why there was surf like this at Ela Beach.
There were rare sets of atmospheric conditions.
These seasoned surfers will be back at it again at Ela Beach when the next cyclone comes.