Cyclone hits Manam islanders with another natural disaster

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Victims of a recent volcanic eruption at Dugulava village on Manam Island in Madang were hit by a cyclone early yesterday.
Village ward councillor Paul Maburau said the cyclone hit the village at 1am yesterday while most of the people were fast asleep.
“The strong wind uprooted trees and ripped our houses,” he said.
Maburau said the people have just returned from the Mandi care centre on the Bogia mainland after they were evacuated there because of the recent volcanic eruption and began planting their gardens to start life a new when another disaster hit.
“We survived on bananas and it’s sad that almost all our banana trees were uprooted,” he said.
He said tall trees like the strong galip tree were also uprooted.
Cathy Bade, a mother of nine, said the strong wind lifted the roofing iron of her house and everyone in the house looked up and saw the dark storm and vacated the building within seconds before the house was totally ripped off.
“We all ran to the school building where others were already there,” Bade said.
There was no casualty reported but the damage done was severe.
Maburau said some families would live with other villagers while they rebuild their houses.
“We are already tired of having one disaster after another but we are survivors so I know we will survive whatever in store for us.”