Dad appeals for missing daughter

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 17th, 2013

 THE father of a two-year-old girl is offering K1,500 as reward for any information about his missing daughter.

James Lawen, from Kandep district, Enga, offered the reward after his daughter went missing at the Mt Hagen market last Friday while accompanying her mother.

Lawen said his daughter, Lapi, came to Mt Hagen with her mother Jennifer to visit her grandmother.

He said the girl went missing as her mother and grandmother were selling fruit in the market at around 1pm.

He described his daughter as having a light complexion with a sore on her right finger and unable to speak clearly.

He said the girl was wearing a brown jacket and had a diaper on when she went missing.

Lawen went on air at the provincial radio station, Eagle FM, over the weekend to appeal to those who had taken his daughter to return her and claim the reward. He said anyone with any information could contact him on 7042 0582 or Pauline Tolo on 7245 5517.