Dad, daughter win seats

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A FATHER-daughter team will join the Autonomous Bougainville Government House of Representatives after winning their seats in the recent election.
Raymond Masono retained his seat as the Atolls MP while daughter Amanda Masono Getsi was declared yesterday as the winner of the North Region Women’s Representative seat.
She told The National yesterday she was overwhelmed by the support of the 80,000 people of North Bougainville who had confidence in her.
“I was voted by both men and women and I will do my best to represent the women of North Bougainville in the ABG (House of Representatives),” she said.
She has a bachelor of law degree from the University of Papua New Guinea and a masters of law degree from the University of Melbourne.
Getsi has more than 10 years of experience as a public servant, during which she played a role in the Bougainville Referendum Commission.
She won one of the three reserved seats for women in the House of Representatives to represent the North, Central and South regions.
Theresa Kaetavara had earlier won the South Bougainville seat and Yolande Geraldine Paul won the Central Bougainville seat.
Kaetavara too will be joined in the House by her son Emmanuel Carlos Kaetavara who won the Baba constituency seat.
Paul will also be joined by her partner Morris Opeti who won the Taonita-Teop constituency seat.
Bougainville Police Commander Deputy Commissioner Francis Tokura said the elimination stage for the North Bougainville ex-combatant representative was continuing together with the elimination process for the seat of President.
The Central and South ex-combatant representatives have already been declared with 33 constituency seats.


  • Well done family, its in your blood.

    we are proud of such an achievement for a family.

    your time go and make a difference in AROB.

    God bless you all

  • It’s an history for Papua New Guinea to have such an achievement as family and leaders respectively to represent their people in the house of assembly.

    May God grant you all the wisdom to lead as Leaders.


    3 pela meri winim sia long “MERIT”…so stop the nonsense about the special arrangements for women.

  • Trupela tok.Thank you AROB women.Women can win if they come together with one voice.Don’t 4get they make up the 50% of the population.Its sad when it comes to election time .We continue to see a huge disparity in our national politics.

  • THis a a very good vision for our parliamentarians in PNG government. WE support women as I am confident more women in the parliament will change the country.They know know to bear and to to look after family resources with motherly care. GIVE WOMEN THE CHANCE COME 2022 ELECTIONS.

  • AROB wisdom…. reserved regional seats to be contested only by women not men. We don’t have that in PNG national elections, that’s what the government needs to seriously look at…AROB, well done, you showed the way, now it’s up to the NEC.

  • Do you think all the women have a motherly heart in today’s modern society. If it is then what some of you are saying is correct. Otherwise, please I support what Mexy kakazo stated. Go through normal democratic system of election and people – both men and women can choose and elect whoever they want as their leader.
    Do you think allocating special seats for women in the parliament is a democratic right. I’m not a political science graduate/student but I believe it is not democratic right. It is forcing others to do what you think is democratic.

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