Dad wants justice for murdered son

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday 19th December 2011

THE aggrieved father of a youth murdered in Port Moresby in 2009 plans to sue the state
for professional negligence.
Stanley Huasi from Munji village, Kubalia, East Sepik, lost his son Gideon, a final
year physics student
at the University of
Papua New Guinea, on June 7, 2009, when he was murdered near Gerehu.
Hausa feels justice was denied when the Waigani National Court early last month acquitted the alleged killer because state witnesses failed to turn up in
The court freed the accused after nine state witnesses failed to turn up despite being summoned to do so.
State prosecutors could not explain why the witnesses failed to turn up.
Huasi has asked Kumbari Lawyers to pursue the case by filing a civil law suit against the state for professional negligence.
“This is a homicide case in which my
son’s life was lost in the hands of criminals,” he said.
“The state prosecutors and the investigation officers handling this case had a duty bestowed upon them but it seemed they failed to do their job.”
He claimed there was overwhelming evidence to prosecute the matter but the state “offered no evidence”.
“That is pure negligence on their part and I feel justice has not been done,” Huasi said.
He assured relatives, colleagues and friends of his late son he had not given up and would pursue the
matter until justice prevailed.