Dadae on the defence, denies all allegations

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KABWUM MP and Defence Minister Bob Dadae has hit back at critics for saying he has not been performing and that there has been no evidence of services transpiring since he went into Government in 2002.
Mr Dadae said he had done enough for his electorate to be proud of.
He said if the critics were from Kabwum they would be able to see the services he provided for the electorate since 2002.
Mr Dadae said he had a development plan in place and, in that plan, he had clearly stipulated the goals he wanted to achieve during his time in Government.
He said he had contributed to and initiated many projects in his electorate toward infrastructure, education, economy and social services.
Mr Dadae said he also had bigger plans for his electorate this year and said it was only a matter of time before the money could be released from the Government so that he could proceed with his plans.
He said this year, he had allocated K1 million toward agriculture and was expecting to see developments in coffee, honey and fish farming and cattle farming.
He also said  he had been instrumental in bringing about the construction of the Lae-Kabwum road.
Mr Dadae said feasibility studies had been carried out and  he was waiting funding to proceed with construction.
He said with these roads completed, the people of Kabwum would see their lives improve.
Mr Dadae called on those people who were criticising him to refrain from what they were doing.
 “They do not have any backing to their claims,” he said.