Dadae praises people’s choice of Toni

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The National, Wednesday 25th July, 2012

RE-ELECTED member for Kabwum, Bob Dadae, has praised the people of Lae, saying they have done well in electing someone from Ahi to be their member of parliament.
People from Butibam, Kamkumung, Yanga, Wagang, Yalu and Hengali make up Ahi, who own the land Lae city.
Speaking from the People’s National Congress camp in Alotau, Milne Bay, yesterday, Dadae said the land on which Lae stood belonged to the people of Ahi and it was only fit that someone from the area was the parliamentary leader of the electorate.  
Member-elect for Lae, Loujaya Toni, from Butibam village, is the first woman from Morobe to be elected to parliament.Toni was declared on Sunday afternoon after wrestling the win from Fred Wak, who was leading most of preliminary counts.Dadae said all MPs from the Morobe would lend their support to Toni.
Toni, Dadae and three other newly-elected Morobe MPs are with Peter O’Neill’s PNC camp in Alotau.
Dadae thanked people of Kabwum for re-electing him for a third term in office.
Dadae was declared last Thursday, with 8,088 votes. His closest rival, Patrick Basa, polled just under 6,000 votes.He said he would continue with unfinished projects, especially the completion of Yus Road.