Dads encouraged to take charge of their families

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The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

MANY fathers have lost the sense of their purpose in life, resulting in their personal breakdowns.
Pr Bapa Bomoteng said often their families were not in order and that contributed to disorderly behaviour in their communities.
He added that it was time for fathers to take charge of their families.
That was Bomoteng’s message to close to 100 men who completed the first men’s retreat hosted by the Our Saviour Lutheran church in Lae, Morobe, over the Independence long weekend.
The retreat, themed Fathers what is your purpose – know your purpose, centred on the true purpose of men as heads of their families and their homes.
The participants, who came from all over the city, were instilled with biblical principles on how to be the best husband and father in their families.
Bomoteng and retreat organising committee chairman John Yawing, said during the closing of the event on Monday evening that fathers had lost their purpose as the heads of the families in the society.
Bomoteng said the main reason for the retreat was to bring awareness of their positions and provide direction and discipline.
“As fathers, we should know who we are according to the Bible, our children are now accessing pornography on the internet easily through the mobile phones, and we want to address this at the church level for fathers to take control, we are building awareness for fathers to take authority which is their important role,” Yawing said.
He said the participating fathers were encouraged to show their love for their wives in many different ways and in front of others, instead of when they were together in the privacy of their rooms.
Bomoteng said the participants were taught the importance of communication within the family unit and two sensitive topics discussed were sexuality and pornography.
“It’s long overdue for men to step out and find their place in the family and community and if that happens all other issues will disappear.”