Daera’s determination is paying off


DAERA Miria Papua from Hanuabada in the Nation’s capital, Port Moresby has come a long way since beginning his career with the Public Services Commission in 2009.
Papua’s is a story of determination and perseverance of being a high school leaver to becoming a manager in an organisation that believes in up-skilling and developing its human resources.
Papua graduated with a Grade 10 certificate from Dela Salle Secondary School in 1993 and started working with PNG Dockyard.
In 2007 he started work with the Crown Plaza hotel in down town Port Moresby and two years later in 2009 Papua was successful enough to be recruited as an admin driver for the Public Services Commission which was a start of many more trainings and up-skilling to come for the Hanuabada man.
In 2010 he was promoted to acting paymaster and with his commitment and drive to work in any given area he was again promoted to a review officer in the National Review Division of PSC after an internal recruitment. A year later Papua was appointed as the registry clerk a position he now occupies.
In 2012, he undertook training for Records Management level 1 and after two years which is the Government’s requirement to be eligible for further training, he continued his studies to complete level 2, 3 and 4 after every two years, with the sponsorship of the PSC.
Further to that Papua was again sponsored by PSC in 2020 to undertake a certificate in Middle Management at the the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILAG).
Papua said he would always be thankful to the Public Services Commission for having faith in him and for its continued support in ensuring its officers like him to attain much needed skills and knowledge they need to perform to the best of their ability in the workplace.
“I would like to give my utmost appreciation to the PSC for believing in me and for its continuous support up to now where I’ve received my certificate in Middle Management. The skills and knowledge I have received will be put to the best use in my line of work as a manger in the registry branch.
“An important skill is the skill of managing people and how to manage conflicts and dealing with them is something I feel as a manager is important in any organisation,’ said Papua.
The PSC aims to up-skill officers to help them in performing their duties more effectively and efficiently and to also give officers the opportunity to grow into managerial roles in the commission by offering equal opportunities for both men and women.
The commission through the PSC secretariat has been investing in up-skilling and enhancing the competencies of its human resources in the last five years. This goal is outlined in the PSC Corporate Plan 2019 – 2023 and is further streamlined through the PSC training and development Policy 2020-2023 which is to provide relevant training for the staff of the PSC secretariat.

  • Story and picture supplied by PSC media and publications branch