Dakulala is acting Health secretary

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Dr Paison Dakulala

CABINET has appointed Dr Paison Dakulala as the acting Health secretary, according to Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Jelta Wong.
Dakulala had been serving for more than 10 years as the deputy secretary of the National Health Service Standards.
He replaces Pascoe Kase whose term as Health secretary ended on Monday, Jan 20. Kase was appointed in 2011 and had served for two terms.
In Sept last year, Dakulala acted in the position for one week when Kase was asked to step aside to allow a committee to investigate issues raised by the National Doctors Association, including the awarding of two medicine supply contracts to Borneo Pacific Pharmaceutical Ltd.
Kase later resumed duties and served out his contract.
Wong said Cabinet made the decision to appoint Dakulala as acting secretary last Friday, Jan 17.
He said the appointment of Dakulala was yet to be gazetted.
Dakulala is expected to start in his new role from Monday.


  • A medical doctor must have administration qualification and experience , managing a big unit is different from being a clinical doctor..just my opinion but if he has all those qualification, then I dont see any reason why he should not be given the job….

  • Getting such a position is not a question of “deserving” it. It is not a reward or a price. But many understand it that way. It is a Job that requires extremely high level of skills, competence and integrity. Whoever is best skilled should get the job. And who doesn’t perform should lose it. It is not like a gold medal, you win it and can keep it forever while you sit at home lazy watching tv. He has experience and hopefully the skills and integrity. All the best to Dakulala in this challenging role! Citizens will watch your performance!

  • I have personally being a witness to Dr. Dakulala’s ability as a clinical doctor at Alotau Prov Hospital. He’s humbleness, down to earth approach to both the sick, the trainees and the general public is first class.
    His administrative ability to manage, and the honest say-it-as-it-is attitude is reknown.
    Alotau/Milne Bay Province should have held him back but then again Papua New Guinea deserves such so our humble service.
    10 years as Assistant Secretary Dept.of Health can attest to his ability.
    PNG needs such person.

  • This position rquires whole package;
    knowldege, experience, ability & attitude including business adminstration background.

  • It’s not what and who one was, is or will be but during this critical time for PNG, Secretary Dr. Dakulala and his team can honestly, transparently and reliably work to achieve Marape-Stevens Govt development agendas with the government’s call of “Taking back PNG” from thieves, conn-men, greedy pot-belly persons, self-interest sensual people and the likes that almost destroy this beautiful country of ours.

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