Damage, killing horrifying: Official

The National,Friday July 1st, 2016

THE destruction of buildings and the killing of a student at the University of Technology last Saturday were an act of terror, an official says.
Morobe Tertiary Students Union (MTSU) president Hans Roy said a few weeks ago the students were fighting for a good cause but their more recent actions were uncalled for.
“Students were united in the fight at the first place but personal interests and political influence caused them to lose focus on their objective,” he said
Roy said the burning of the buildings was horrifying and would cost a lot of money which would impact future generations.
He claimed national leaders, especially in Morobe,  failed to address the issue which had gone out of control at the university.
“The destructions and killing was preventable but our leaders failed in their part to solve this issue due to political differences,” Roy claimed.
“If political leaders cannot find a solution to this issue, they have to call on non-governmental organisations and churches to help solve it.”
Patron for MTSU Pastor Offo Olio said national issues should have been solved in an amicable manner rather than resorting to violence.
“I support the students stand against the prime minister but the recent action that they took was wrong,” he said.
Olio claimed that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill could have prevented the chaos if he had stood down and prove his innocence.
Meanwhile, Roy called on the Morobe government to repatriate Morobe students attending the University of PNG.