Damaged road in the capital to be investigated, says governor

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The National, Monday 27th May 2013

 AN independent investigation will be carried out on the damaged National Capital District roads to ascertain the cause and fault of the damage, NCD Governor Powes Parkop said. 

Parkop said the audit would also establish whoever was responsible for the damage to meet the expense of the damage. 

The four-lane highway connecting the 5-Mile and Erima junction in NCD, which was constructed by Hebou Construction, gave way last week due to a “leaking pipe that was running through the sustaining concrete wall,” according to project manager Lee Dever. 

The project cost the government K30 million. 

Parkop told Parliament during grievance debate last Friday that Eda Ranu was instructed to shut the water main for the construction to continue but that did not happen and could have resulted in the collapse of the sealed road due to excess water. 

The road was due to be opened for traffic this month. 

“I have directed an independent investigation by a professional engineering firm to look into into this problem,” Parkop said.

“The investigation was given a specific time frame to establish the cause of the damage and who was responsible for it so that he can pay for the damage. 

“I will be very disappointed if engineers are responsible for it as I am always consulting with them everyday to see that appropriate and better effort is put into it. 

“Everyone knows of the water main there and it should have been scoped by the engineer before certifying the construction to take place. 

“Let us wait for the investigation to complete and see whoever is responsible will pay.”

Parkop said he had talked with the Association of Enginneers PNG to voluntarily assist in the scoping and study of roads in NCD so that money subjected for any road construction was not wasted and such problems were avoided in the future.