Dame Carol applauded for years of service

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The National, Thursday 02nd Febuary 2012

A COMMUNITY leader in East New Britain has praised Member for Moresby South Dame Carol Kidu for her leadership and contribution to national development.
Henry Wakia, from Vunairoto village in the
Reimber-Livuan local level government area, said he was surprised that no women leader in the
province, the New Guinea Islands region and
PNG has paid Dame Carol any tribute after she announced her intention to step aside from active politics.
He said as an ordinary villager he was sad to hear that she was leaving politics.
Wakia commended Dame Carol’s fearless
stand on many issues in the male-dominated parliament.
“I salute her and urge her to contribute to nation-building in whatever capacity she will fill when she leaves the floor of parliament after the June elections,” he said.
He said she had been the parliamentary leader of one of the oldest surviving political parties, the Melanesian Alliance Party, and it was now time for younger, vibrant and experienced leaders to take over the leadership.
Wakia urged leaders from NGI region to listen to the struggles and sufferings of the people at the grassroots level.
“The country is surely going down the path of even bigger destruction and if we elect wrong people into parliament only God knows what will happen to this country,” he said.
He said the deadlock and the “clinging to power” by members of parliament should be the sign for change and the people should not remain silent but use the democratic process to elect new and quality leaders.