Danaya denies claims by Sir Arnold and Abal

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday 12th December 2011

WESTERN governor Dr Bob Danaya has denied receiving K6 million of the K63 million allocated to the Papuan region.
Danaya said Opposition MPs of the opposition who made the allegation should indicate where the K63 million for the Papuan region had been parked and when the K6 million had been given to him.
“I am surprised to read this in The National. It seems like there are desperate people out there, particularly before election, and more specifically when the decision on the legality of the O’Neill-Namah government is going to be handed down,” he said.
“I find it hard to believe that people like former acting prime minister Sam Abal and regional MP for Madang and former chief justice Sir Arnold Amet can come up with such absurd and ridiculous statements like this and tarnish my name.”
He said Sir Arnold, who was in the top post in the judiciary and was supposed to uphold the law, “should be the example of the law”.
“Yet he seems to be contradicting himself and behaving like a real hypocrite and telling blatant lies to parliament and the people of PNG,”
Danaya said.
“He has served three arms of government and never has he put his right foot forward.
“He should be ashamed of himself and bow out. PNG does not need him and the likes of his desperate cronies,” he said.
Danaya said such “defamatory gossip” should not be allowed to do the rounds.
“We have more important things to do rather than be bogged down by filthy petty politics,’’ he said.
He planned to sue the opposition, particularly Sir Arnold and Abal for defamation.
“This nation has no time for such nonsense coming from such leaders who could stoop so low and make themselves look very stupid.”