Danaya supports alcohol ban call

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ALCOHOL consumption has become a way of life for many and is the root of most domestic conflicts in the family unit and community.
Western Governor Dr Bob Danaya, in a statement last week, said PNG was faced with many problems which were “all alcohol-related”.
He applauded the stand taken by Education Minister James Marape in calling for a total ban on alcohol nationwide, saying the call was very “timely”.
“Alcohol consumption has caused many conflicts which resulted in killing, tribal fights, ethnic clashes , rape, destruction to public properties, family and marriage breakup, prostitution and racism,” he said.
“These directly affect the operation of all other services like businesses and services are greatly affected resulting in the loss of millions of kina, people migrating to towns and urban centres resulting in a population boom in urban areas.
“Careless spending  on alcohol results in poverty that can cause people to start stealing to survive and the lists goes on,” he said.
Dr Danaya  said even though the industry contributes a lot to the Government through taxes, its social impact was very negative.
He said these issues could be collectively addressed when all stakeholders give their support.
“Many of our social problems are costing the State millions of kina but if all stakeholders and all levels of government give their support, the problems can be solved,” he said.
Dr Danaya called for  proper policy and legislation be put in place to control the manner in which alcohol was consumed, and distributed.
He added that alcohol must be restricted to appropriate places only.
“I give my full support for total ban on consumption of alcohol in this country,” he said.