Danaya urges government to review foreign policies

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The National, Wednesday 25th January 2012

WESTERN Governor Dr Bob Danaya has called on the O’Neill-Namah government to take full stock of its foreign policies and report the status of all policies to the people of PNG.
Danaya also called on the government to immediately introduce policies to promote and develop bilateral relationships with all Pacific Island countries socially and culturally so that people of the Pacific could promote their indigenous cultures and values.
He said this was important because Western cultures were threatening the cultures and traditions of the Pacific.
“We must set a strong platform for our island nations to work for the good and prosperity of our existence as a region,” he said.
Danaya also called on parliament to amend the existing law on mining, education, forest, health, judiciary, foreign affairs, taxation, customs, defence, police, public service and civil aviation because many were outdated.