Danaya: We must act on border issues

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The National –Wednesday, January 5, 2011


UPNG journalism student

WESTERN Governor Bob Danaya has expressed grave concern about lack of adequate Indonesia and Torres sStrait border surveillance by the relevant authorities at the national level.

His response came after reports from the newspaper articles regarding the discovery of eight decomposed bodies of Asian origin found in the Fly River delta area.

In a statement, the governor said: “Nobody seems to know exactly how they (the bodies) got there and this is why I am raising this concern.

“We are doing what we can at the provincial level to monitor the vast borders and the coastline, we are only responding when there is a disaster or some unusual findings or suspected transnational crime being committed.

 “This case of dead foreigners found on our shores which should be a security concern for the nation.” 

He said these issues had been raised several times but seemed to fall on deaf ears. 

Danaya urged anyone with information on this incident or any other to report them to the authorities.

“I have raised this border infrastructure development issues on numerous occasions and I believe it is time for the national government to act.” 

He said the province would do what it could do to address the issue. 

“Foreign embassies should also be of great help by checking their citizens in PNG and abroad.”