Dangerous drivers


RECKLESS driving has become the order of the day.
So many accidents take place every day on city roads.
Drivers play with the lives of passengers.
Young and know-it-all drivers feel the thrill of speed.
They do not observe traffic rules. They take pride in overtaking other vehicles and going against the light, resulting in fatal accidents. Law-abiding citizens suffer the most.
Traffic jams are common. Heavy vehicles are often seen parked in “no entry” zones, causing traffic jams. Policemen on duty remain silent spectators.
Drunken truck drivers play havoc with the lives of innocent people. It is a pity that they escape and are not caught.
Even if they are caught on the spot, they are let off with a minor punishment. They also bribe the policemen and get off scot-free.
Traffic rules must be observed.
Under-aged drivers and those driving without a licence should be punished.
The drivers found driving in a drunken state should be dealt with sternly.
The authorities should enforce road rules and educate people about traffic rules.

Annoyed Road User