Dangerous inmates at large

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SIX men described, by police as dangerous, are at large after a breakout by 13 inmates from Bueibi Prison in Mendi, South Highlands, on Monday.
Provincial police commander Chief Supt Martin Lakari said the six had been in custody to await their court cases for serious crimes such as murder, rape and armed robbery.
One of them was from Hela implicated in the killing at Kikita village.
Seven of the 13 were recaptured after the breakout.
One of them was shot by prison officers. Supt Lakari said most the 13, from Hela and Southern Highlands, had been on remand.
He described the six at large as dangerous and posed a risk to members of the public and business houses in Mendi.
“The breakout took place in daylight and I’m questioning how it happened,” he said.
“A joint operation (between prison and police officers) is in place because they are dangerous and have caused serious problems in their communities.” Supt Lakari said he was disappointed with the prison officers who should have been providing tighter security given that police had a tough time in arresting them in the first place.
“I’m warning the public and business houses to take extra precautions because the escapees can cause harm at any time,” he said.
He said most of escapees were awaiting their trial in the National Court.
“I’m warning the remaining escapes to surrender or face the full force of the law. “We are out in full force and they must know that there won’t be any escape routes for them.”
Last week, jail commander Supt Samson Kisa was concerned about the slow court process in Mendi, saying some of those on remand had been awaiting their court cases for more than three years.
Correctional Service Commissioner Stephen Pokanis confirmed that the escapees were part about their a group who had been complaining of delayed court cases.

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