Daru faces water problem

The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

South Fly MP Aide Ganasi admits that Daru has very serious water and sewerage problems after a K52 million PNG Sustainable Development Programme (PNGSDP) project was scrapped.
He said this after the PNGSDP annual reports meeting on Tuesday at which former chief executive officer and now board member, David Sode, raised the water and sewerage issue being faced by Daru.
Ganasi said post-PNGSDP it would cost K167 million to fix up all the roads, water and sewerage in Daru.
“It’s very bad,” he told The National.
“It’s the last township (in PNG) that’s still using the pan (black bucket) toilets.”
Former PNGSDP chief executive officer David Sode says it is heartbreaking to see the K52 million Daru water and sewerage project scrapped and the town having no proper water and toilet facilities.
Sode, who has stepped down as chief executive officer to become a PNGSDP board member, in June 2012 launched the K52 million Daru water and sewerage project to improve water and sewerage systems.
All that, however, was stopped when the Government expropriated Ok Tedi mine in 2013 and all PNGSDP operations grinded to a halt.
Daru still uses the outdated black bucket toilet system and has no reliable water supply.