Data tracking vital for snakebite awareness

Health Watch

Geospatial tracking and convergent technology can contribute to accurate information and improved awareness about venomous snakes.
A new World Health Organisation (WHO) snakebite information and data platform will deliver these capabilities and stimulate work towards achieving the global target to halve the number of deaths and disability due to snakebite envenoming by 2030.
Speakers and panellists highlighted the importance of such a resource in addressing the devastating health consequences of snakebite envenoming, especially for rural populations who experience the most encounters with venomous snakes.
Having this information available can accelerate the implementation of life-saving interventions, such as improved planning and delivery of anti-venoms and identification of high-risk communities and locations where treatment and anti-venom centres should be prioritised.
Continuously updated information and data that can be accessed in real-time can improve the chances of survival, particularly for snakebite victims who live in remote rural areas. – WHO