Database system for schools

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The National, Friday February 21st, 2014


ALL secondary and high schools in Chimbu have a new electronic database and information management system.

The system, designed and developed by local Kamkinde Computer Services, helps to improve and establish an effective database and information management system.

Kamkinde Computer Service consultant, John Kapa highlighted the importance of the establishment of effective information management system during a two-day training programme for heads of schools in Kundiawa last week.

He said six secondary schools and 11 high schools had accepted the product as a solution to all long-standing issues.

Kapa said the major component of the database system were the students bio-data system with student identification photos and school financial management system.

“The old school financial management system of combined cash book (CCB) is now captured into the electronic system for effective and accurate management of school finance,” Kapa said.

He said the new system provided solution to issues of inaccurate accounting system and school financial mismanagement.

Kapa pointed out that student bio-data system like academic records, enrolment status, school fee payment records, student discipline records and establishment educational history for individual students were included.

“All in all the new system has helped to cut down costs, energy and time. The product has been demonstrated and presented to all the heads of school in several meetings. They overwhelmingly accepted the new system as a way forward into the digital age,” he said.

Kapa thanked Chimbu provincial education adviser Essy Walkaima for his approval and endorsement for all schools to adopt the new system because he had seen the need.

Principal of Kondiu Secondary School, Gabriel Aina highly commended the introduction of the new system, saying that it enhanced effective and accurate management system.

Any institution interested in the system can contact Kapa on 7320 8156 or email [email protected]