Datec eyes top service

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DATEC (PNG) Ltd has launched a number of new ICT products  and services aimed at delivering world-class IT service levels to organisations in Papua New Guinea.
ICT is short for information communication technology.
The IT company has also embarked on an ambitious training programme it hopes can transform the country into one that can compete globally.
Spearheading these changes is Datec’s new chief executive Bhanu Sud, who has more than 20 years of global cross-sector ICT experience.
Mr Sud said the company wanted to become more than just a service provider.
He said his aim is to raise the bar on ICT service levels, delivering at exceptionally high levels expected of globally recognised companies.
Mr Sud said as PNG “competes to find its place in the world, it needs to take advantage of technology advances”.
He said Datec had recognised that and had created a wide range of ICT solutions, some of which include value-added internet services, document management systems, e-governance, ATM provision and servicing, vehicle tracking, mobile banking and marketing, for the PNG market.
The company would also continue to provide business and enterprise consulting, ICT security consulting, ICT outsourcing, training and education, project management and specialist resource augmentation.
“PNG is like Saudi Arabia, it is sitting on a wealth of natural resources,” Mr Sud said.
The problem for PNG, however, was that it had not been able to translate all its natural wealth into resources that would benefit Papua New Guineans, he said.
“PNG does not need foreign aid … you have enough wealth to turn this country into a very prosperous nation what the country needs are people who can do this – a skilled human resource,” Mr Sud said