Davani: Use the Bible as a guide to duties

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The National – Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A NATIONAL court judge currently on circuit in East Sepik, urged all stakeholders in the law and justice sector to be guided by the Bible when executing their responsibilities.
In a short address to members of Wewak police and the public outside the Wewak court house Justice Catherine Davani reminded policemen to execute their duties swiftly and diligently in compliance with the set procedures and processes.
The National Court judge said it was their responsibility to ensure that all court files were completed within the allocated time frame so that the cases were being immediately dealt with by the court.
She told members of the police under Insp John Hassimani, who put on a guard of honour, that the small ceremony on Monday also marked the opening of the legal year in the province.
“All stakeholders including police, the correctional services and the probation should also seek directions from the Bible and I quote James 1:5: ‘but if any of you lack wisdom you should pray to God who will give it to you because God gives generously and graciously to all’,” Davani said.
She said it was also important that all stakeholders within the law and justice sector were acquainted with the knowledge required of them so that court processes were not derailed.