Dawa: I support Maladina bill

National, Normal

GUMINE MP Lucas Dawa says he supports the amendment to the Constitution proposed by Esa’ala MP Moses Maladina to remove certain powers of the Ombudsman Commission (OC).
Parliament, in its last sitting, voted 93-0 to amend section 27 (4) of the Constitution to weaken powers used by the ombudsman to issue directives when investigating allegations of misconduct.
The amendment needs to clear the third reading next month to become law.
A campaign launched to stop the amendment getting through, has been gaining wide public support.
But Mr Dawa said the amendment must go through.
He said people with vested interests often run to the Ombudsman with false accusations and complaints, based on which the commission issues directions.
He said this often hampered their work, giving the impression to the voters that they were not working.
“When jealous critics file false allegations before the OC, they proceed on with investigations and suppress the MPs from performing and delivering services which greatly affect the people in their respective districts,” Mr Dawa said.
He said he supported the bill Mr Maladina initiated as it would give MPs a greater chance to perform without fear.