Days of rain wreak havoc along highway

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The National – Wednesday, June 15, 2011

THE continuous rain in Central has seen parts of the Jensen Farm Road culvert being washed away and food gardens destroyed along the Sebore River, in East Hiri, along the Magi Highway.
Locals claimed this was the fourth major flood in the area and called on authorities to rebuild the culvert properly so that it did not pose greater danger for them.
Banige Tau, who lived in the area, said the floods had covered the culvert and road, holding up traffic for four hours on Monday.
The Sebore River burst its banks and destroyed food gardens.
“The river goes out along Mirigeda Training Centre and people who live along the river have lost all their food crops,” Tau said.
“Crops like corn, taro, kaukau, bananas, cabbages and sugar cane were all damaged.
“The culvert had been damaged three times already this year. This time, flood waters destroyed the other side,” Tau said.
He said earlier attempts to get the National Disaster Centre to respond to their cries for help had been in vain.
No homes were destroyed and no deaths reported.
National Weather Service acting director forecasting and warning centre spokesman Jimmy Gomoga said the office had cancelled a strong wind warning last Saturday.
He said the continuous rain was a result of an El Nino period.
“There are no warnings.
“We are now transiting into the dry season that starts around June with southeast trade winds picking up and will reach their peak next month,” Gomoga said.
“The weather over Port Moresby should begin to improve from Thursday with the weekend  fine and sunny,” he said.