Deacon Nepao to be ordain as priest

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DEACON Silas Nepao from Sagurap Catholic diocese in Enga province will be ordained to become a diocesan priest today.
This will bring the total number of local priests in the province to 13, making it the highest ever in the country.
Last November, Koni Yombonkali from Wanepap parish in the Laiagam district was ordained followed by Deacon Philip James from Londol parish in the Kombiam-Ambum who was also ordained on December.
Local Bishop Arnold Orowae said: “It’s a great achievement for the Catholic Church in the province. I urge other seminarians still doing pastoral work or still in school not to backslide along the way but strive to achieve their dreams and continue with God’s work by helping the people in their spiritual needs.”
He appealed to the people to support the seminarians from their parish adding, the seminarians need help and prayers from the people to strengthen their faith to follow the foot steps of Christ.
“I am delighted that many young Engans have become priests and continue to carry out the work of the church.
The province needs many local priests to carry out the work of the church and I urge young boys to become priests,” he said.
Bishop Orowae said 16 parishes in the province would be participating in the ordination of deacon Nepao.