Dead after alleged police assault

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THE family of a man who died on Monday in Port Moresby, have laid a complaint with police alleging that he died as a result of police-beating the night before, police said. Eye witnesses said the deceased, Guy Posou, 35, and father of three, including an unborn baby, was drinking vodka with friends outside his home at Fig Street, Hohola Two, on Sunday, at around 11pm when they were confronted by police who allegedly assaulted them.
According to National Capital District (NCD) police, officers were in a Nissan double cab used by the NCD Commission’s reserve police unit. The people Posou was drinking with, managed to escape the alleged assault but he was caught and beaten up.
Posou, somehow, managed to slip away to his house and the police reservists drove away.
Posou’s family said he was complaining about severe pain to his head soon after the assault.
“He was hit hardly on the head,” a family member said.
“We rushed him to the hospital at around 6am (on Monday) but he was pronounced dead on arrival.”


  • There seem to be an existing segregation between police force and citizens.
    Police would be like “Kill it” and runaway free.
    Citizens would be like “Kill police for killing it” but the how?

  • Yes you are right, I am wondering, that in a long run, segregation between police force and the citizens in the country will go worsen, there is no public relation task force in the police force anymore.

  • Too much talk about cleaning the police force of such officers, is this the remaining clean excellent law enforcers left to do so?, recheck their resume & work ethics thoroughly again.
    Otherwise just punish those that assault the deceased father. Enough is enough act now before another assault results in a death again & again & again…..

    • What crime was committed at 11pm in that night. Wasn’t normal to sit around with friends and go home. If these Rouge Police men are known then please have them tell their part of the story.

  • Policing has gone bad to worse, not matter what the commissioner or senior officers may try to defend themselves it is a government arm that bad and sore in the most core of it.

    Training should be at least 3-5 years where individuals are put to the test in all aspects and also study law as they are law enforcers aren’t they!. Right now I bet none of the officers can’t call out the specific law (section!) an offender is being charged for.

    If they know the law, the poor guy would still be alive because you know the law so you enforce it in a professional manner but now you will pay for the death of this innocent guy just for mere drinking

  • As a Papua New Guinean Living in one of the Pacific Island Nation realized that only PNG police are doing this in humane act , by beating up innocent people without enforcing the law. Police men in other island nations i the Pacific are not practicing this . PNG police act as if they have a higher rank compared to that of the commanders and sergeants and they just act smart.
    How can we produce a good reputation when policemen go around beating innocent people. Its such a shame to the nation. No wander PNG is regarded as the worse country in the Pacific known for criminal activities and people are scared to live in PNG.
    I for one love PNG and wish and pray that one day PNG will produce good reputation to the other Pacific Island nations and the world.

  • Police officers are not supposed to kill but to protect and enforce the laws. Unless the Government put tougher laws, police officers in PNG will still assult,bash and kill us. We are scared of them more then anyone else.

  • Root cause: Police are failed student of gr 12. Hence, they cant reason out quick, their cognitive behavior is that of a stupid, their intelligence quotient (IQ) is that of animal. As a result they cant follow bomana basics.

    Why do you have to beat him????? Arrest him and let the law deal with him. We are in the 21st century.

  • In the meantime police can drink and drive and go around harassing people or even looting their trade stores without being worried of getting attested. This is bad. H
    They should not be surprised if people will one day take the law into their own hands and retaliate.

  • Does NCDC police have the same mandate and authority to perform normal police function as RPNGC ? What is the main role of NCDC police compare to RPNGC ? Can the police commissioner look into how the arrangement was made to engage NCDC police in the city ? To date , there have been numerous incidents where lots of people have been assulted and even deaths , including this recent one , at the hands of NCDC police.

  • The abuse of power is too much, when oaths are taken to serve, protect and uphold the laws of this country. The egotistical behaviour within the Police Force has distorted all common sense in prevailing.

  • It’s about time the RCPNG should take in the people with Diploma and Degree certificate for recruitment
    in the force,no more grade 12 leavers.
    Most of the recruits now a days are the drug bodies and half sense which they use money to bribe the recruiting officers to enter the police college. Even they use other peoples certificate.
    The main source of era is the recruiting officers at the beginning.

  • I believe the recruitment and interview process to enter police is flawed and compromised so we will continue to have bad people recruited to practice their habit under the legal blue uniform they wear. 40 years back, the blue uniform was a respected uniform and people who were in it were respected and their words were law. Tighten recruitment process and increase training length to 1 year and have ethics of work instill in them.
    General public are more frightened of police than criminals and rascals.

  • Deaths by police brutality more than Corona over 6 months.

    Is Polic Brutality a Pandemic that needs to be addressed with lockdown and assessment of all cases since ages?

  • How can the PNG police department recruit or employ unqualified, people in its organization / ;
    Or do you train the police to be come criminal and allowing them in applying brutal treatment to the citizen of PNG/
    Please PNG Police Minister checkim ol station commanders blong yu especial long, Yangoru East Sepik Provine
    Police on duty under the influence of alcohol; and abusing the power and authority to keep law and order

  • Immediate Commanders or Team Leaders (together with the culprit rogue cops) should be held responsible and charged for the actions of those under him/her. This should be used as a deterrent strategy.

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