Dead whale poses health risk to people

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The National – Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A DEAD whale has been washed ashore at Oro Bay in Northern and it is causing fear among villagers and travellers that it could cause pollution and pose a health hazard.

Bema villagers Turia Sam and Martina Teme Turia fronted up at The National office yesterday to alert authorities about the possible danger.

They are calling on the authorities to remove the dead mammal as the locals do not have the know-how and could not do it themselves.

The couple said that the whale, which measured some 14.5m long and 3.5m high, was washed ashore last Saturday and the carcass was trapped near the Oro Bay main wharf.

They said villagers were calling on authorities to go and remove the dead whale as it would pose a health risk if it was let to rot at the site. 

The site is very close to the village and it will in one way or another affect the people.

They said it was unusual for a whale to be washed ashore in that part of the province.

The couple said that the whale was still alive when it was washed ashore. But then it died a little later as no one knew what to do or how to rescue it. 

Several attempts to contact the national fisheries office were unsuccessful.