‘Dead woman’ testifies of healing

Julian, Roselyn Kaumb, Yvonne Tore, Samson and herbalist Silas Ayamaso

JUST over four months ago a young mother suffering from cervical cancer was staring death straight in the face.
On Jan 10, 2021, the woman, literally “beyond repair,” was admitted to the women’s ward (Ward 9) at Port Moresby General Hospital (Pomgen).
To the horror of the patient and her guardians, the very next day she was discharged (sent home) to face the inevitable (death) because conventional medicine could not treat her.
Of mixed New Ireland, Central and Gulf parentage, the woman was advised she could not be treated and would not live for more than three days.
This is an amazing revelation of Yvonne Tore who has proven conventional medicine wrong to live and reveal her own story with the aim of saving other women experiencing what she went through.
Medical records show that Yvonne was suffering from cervical cancer and severe anemia.
Cancer is a disease in which cells in the body grow out of control and is named for the part of the body where it starts, even if it spreads to other body parts later.
When cancer starts in the cervix, it is called cervical cancer.
The cervix connects the birth canal to the upper part of the uterus (womb) where a baby grows when a woman is pregnant. Anemia is a medical condition in which the capacity of the blood to transport oxygen to the tissues is reduced, either because of too few red blood cells, or because of too little haemoglobin resulting in pallor and fatigue.
For Tore, in one of the final assessments the medical officer’s comments on her clinic book were “poor diagnosis and palliative care.”
Palliative care is specialised medical care for people living with a serious illness. This type of care is focused on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of the illness.
The goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family.
Tore’s discharge plan the medical officer wrote was: “To go home. Review patient if any issue. Prognosis explained to patient and relatives – understood and accepted.”
In short, the above discharge summary meant that Yvonne Tore could not be cured so was sent home.
“They (hospital staff) couldn’t treat me so they told Julian and Samson (relatives and carers) to take me home.
On Jan 12, 2021, in a desperate last-minute attempt to save Yvonne’s life, Samson, who had heard of herbalist Silas Ayamaso asked him to see if he could help a dying woman.
“I was bed-ridden, couldn’t talk and walk, wore adult Bumbum, couldn’t see faces, but only heard voices,” Tore said.
“When I gradually regained consciousness and was able to talk, I begged Silas to cure me because I couldn’t leave behind my children.
“Every time I closed my eyes I saw mothers who died leaving behind their children. I didn’t want to die and leave behind my children.
“I was rejected by my own family believing that I would not survive. They refused to visit me in my dire situation,” she lamented.
Tore recalls that during her most difficult condition there was a voice speaking to her constantly of “living for others”.
Soon after the herbalist started his treatment and to their amazement the first sign of improvement was that the heavy bleeding subsided.
As days went by, Tore’s condition improved dramatically with her regaining consciousness, her vision improved and she was able to move her limbs and body and eventually walk to the toilet and bathroom herself.
On March 29, 2021, Yvonne asked for an interview to go public and tell her story.

Miracles do happen
“You’re talking to a dead woman, but miracles do happen,” Yvonne said when greeting me for this interview and write-up.
She is focused and very determined. Her message to the womenfolk is that “there is always hope with God”.
“If God can use Silas (herbalist) to cure my illness, all others going through difficulties can be healed too.
“If modern medicine is not helpful, seek alternate treatment such as herbal treatment.
“I’m speaking out because I believe this is another way of encouraging mothers and women who may need such encouragement in their worst times of despair,” she said.
Whilst thanking herbalist Silas Ayamaso for curing her, Tore encourages people, especially women suffering from all forms of cancer, to seek alternative help including herbal treatment.
As well, she urged hospital staff PNG-wide to allow herbalists to complement their work or refer patients to herbal healers if hospitals cannot treat people of any illnesses and infections.
Tore plans to use her near-death experience to carry out public awareness among the womenfolk.
She says in the second part of her life, she plans to invest her time, effort, money and other resources “living for others”.
No doubt herbs provide treatment and or healing for many illnesses and ailments worldwide.
Whilst there is no official government recognition and or documented record of herbal treatment in PNG, there are overwhelming anecdotal evidences of many people being healed and lives saved through herbal cure.

Rich biodiversity

Papua New Guinea has a very high biodiversity and has a gold mine of botanic fortune that can be well utilised to treat all forms of illnesses and infections.
The island of New Guinea (Sorong in Indonesia’s Papua province to Samarai in PNG’s Milne Bay province) has the third largest rainforest in the world.
The island contains these medicines and herbs, many known and many others unknown to medical science.
For over 50,000 years our ancestors have benefited from them.
Today, Silas Ayamaso is among Papua New Guinean herbalist tapping into the country’s botanic fortune.
He gets his herbs and plants from around PNG, carefully blends and administers them to people suffering from all forms of illnesses and diseases.
He has been successfully administering treatments for various health conditions including many who hospital medicine could not treat.
While the Government through the Department of Health is aware of PNG’s botanic wealth, money to carry out research, monitor and put together a home-grown policy on herbal medicine is not an immediate priority.
In the meantime, thousands of its citizens continue to die each year from curable and or preventable diseases.
It is time people suffering from all forms of diseases considered seeking alternative (herbal) medicine.
Yvonne Tore is a living testimony of being cured of cervical cancer using herbal treatment.
Share this story with someone who could be in desperate need of help.
Silas Ayamaso is seeking financial assistance to further his herbal treatment.
Anyone wishing to assist can deposit money into his bank account under the name Maron Waiki, account number 1009857960 at the Bank South Pacific.
Forward enquiries in strict confidence via 76260060 and email: [email protected]

  • Henzy Yakham is a freelance writer.