Deaf among other students sits for English paper

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The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013


A DEAF 17-year-old student is sitting for the Grade 8 examinations at the Holy Trinity Demonstration Primary School in Western Highlands.

Eluta Moses is from Togaba, in Mt Hagen. Yesterday, he was helped by two invigilators when he sat for the English Paper One (written expression).

Eluta, who was born deaf, was taught by teachers trained to help deaf students.

Holy Trinity lecturer John Joseph said Moses had been taught special kills and it was not that difficult for him to sit for the exam.

Joseph said in 2007, the school started a unit for deaf students after getting training from the Mount Zion disability training college in Goroka.

He and his wife Malaisa were the first pioneer teachers to teachdeaf students.

He said two other deaf students were doing grades 6 and 7 helped by the specifically trained teachers.

He said the resource centre in Warakum was headed by staff coordinator Peter Kaka assisting disabled students in acquiring the right skills in education.

Head teacher Paulin Malau said trained teachers were assigned to deaf students using sign language.

Malau said they were proud to see the first deaf student sitting for the Grade 8 exam.

She said another brilliant deaf student was transferred to Tambul in Western last year with his parents.