Deaf Association elects new executives

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The Morobe Deaf Association has elected new executives for the next three years.
The association elected new interim executives last week to advocate and drive services for people with hearing difficulty in the province.
The new interim executives are chairman Lemok Tiriong, deputy chairman Joshua Elap, secretary Charlie Kerowagi and committee member Foreting Juhonewe.
The association currently has 54 members in Lae, three in Markham and six from Nawaeb.
Tiriong said they wanted to attract members from other six districts in the province through carrying out awareness, but were having funding difficulty.
He said all districts in the province did not have a disability association, only Bulolo and that was an obstacle for them to get members from all districts.
Tiriong said they were still doing awareness with the Evangelical Lutheran Church so they could help identify the hearing impaired to become members of the association.
The association has big plans for development of hearing impairers in the province.
“We will establish a creative self-help centre for members of the association,” Tirong said.
“The association is also looking at establishing a meeting house for only the hearing impaired, and we will be venturing into chicken and piggery projects.” He said they were seeking assistance.

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