Deal signed to help New Ireland people register businesses


Investment Promotion Authority has signed a memorandum of understanding to help the New Ireland public with business registration and investment information.
New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan, pictured, has hailed it as “another milestone for the New Ireland government in its efforts to prepare itself for autonomy”.
The MoU was signed last week by government officials in Kavieng.
It intends to promote the smoother exchange of information on business registration, investment opportunities and the training of commerce officers.
Sir Julius said that this strategic partnership with IPA would empower New Irelanders to efficiently and formally register their business activities.
He said it would provide additional investment advice and opportunities to the people.
“The MoU further supports autonomy through enabling the New Ireland government to collect internal revenue in the form of service fees,” Sir Julius said.
“Under the MoU, a Kavieng IPA help desk will be established within the provincial commerce office and service fees collected will stay in New Ireland.”
He said it would also promote autonomy through giving the New Ireland government greater control over the process of screening business entities interested in developing its natural resources, consistent with Section 115 of the Organic Law on Provincial Governments and LLGs.
There has been a significant increase in business registrations nationwide, and the IPA has recognised that it is necessary to collaborate with provincial commerce offices to inform them of recent changes in law and order processes.
The IPA is therefore establishing IPA help desks in commerce offices in some provinces.

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