Deal with police abuse quickly

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 06th December 2011

IT is interesting to note that every time an abuse by a policeman is reported in the media, the res­ponse is they do not condone such behaviour and promise to investigate the matter.
This has been going on for ages and we are getting the same old response.
The question is – what proactive actions are being taken to eliminate such behaviours?
It seems that when such incidents were first reported at police stations, no actions were taken before they went to the press.
The poor victims are getting a bad deal as they are forced to relive their ordeal when talking to the press.
Something is not right within the RPNGC’s procedural system as the initial response was police “they were not aware”.
I call on the police force to set up a system whereby when a complaint is lodged against a member of the RPNGC, the matter is immediately taken up by the station commander and forwarded it to the superiors so that the matter is dealt with imme­diately.
This will eliminate the bad publicity that is tarnishing the RPNGC’s image.
Overall, I think this is a ma­nagement issue.

Jeff Livingstone