Deal with rogue cops


CAN we discipline our undisciplined policemen and women?
They go around hurting and stealing people’s money for no reason.
Some end up killing people.
People fear the police more than criminals, which is miserable.
Under the pretext of executing duties, officers go around and use the law to their advantage instead of upholding it.
We are surrounded with predators.
Some officers are no different to criminals who terrorise our streets, robbing, hurting and killing innocent people.
We now have criminals and police to protect ourselves from.
It is sad seeing the unarmed who should be protected by the law preyed on by the law enforcers.
Who do we run to for security?
The world knows that PNG is not safe for women and girls but in a correct sense, we can say that all unharmed citizens are not safe.
We are exposed to a tremendous threat.
We can be robbed and killed anytime.
Please do something about this.

Tonny Guan,

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